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    How long can I store the cookies for?

    Our cookies are made fresh with fresh ingredients.
    Cookies without filling
    Our cookies without any cream cheese, custard, or ganache filling are guaranteed fresh for up to 3 days at room temperature. Do not refrigerate! Refrigerating causes these cookies to dry out.

    Cookies with filling
    Cookies with cream cheese, custard, or ganache fillings should be refrigerated if they will not be consumed the same day. You can reheat cookies in the oven for 60 seconds or in the microwave for 15 seconds.

    You can freeze cookies for up to 1 month and reheat in the oven as needed.

    How do I store the cookies?

    If you don't want to eat your cookies right away, we recommend storing your cookies in an air tight container to keep in all that tastiness.

    Do your cookies contain preservatives?

    Absolutely not! Our cookies are made from premium fresh ingredients. There’s nothing fake about our cookies!

    Do your cookies contain nuts?

    Although some of our products do not contain nuts, they are produced in a kitchen where nuts are present. The following flavours are nut-free: Walk of Shame, Tinder Surprise and the OG. Some of our seasonal flavours are also nut-free. The ingredients lists are available on each product page.

    Do you have gluten-free or vegan products?

    Yes! As part of our "Not-So-Guilty" line, we have introduced gluten-free and vegan cookies. We are always working on new flavours, so check back periodically for updates.

    Are you halal certified?

    Unfortunately, not at this time. Most of our cookies do not contain alcohol or gelatin. Avoid the Walk of Shame as it has marshmallows and the Sugar Daddy, which is brushed with whisky (but you can ask to omit this).

    How can I get my cookies?

    Delivery — We offer island-wide delivery Tuesday-Sunday
    Pickup — Swing by our store at 29 Arab St. to pickup your cookies Tuesday-Sunday

    How much is delivery?

    Orders below $35: $15
    Orders above $35: $7
    Orders above $65: Free

    What time will my cookies be delivered?

    Our delivery window is 1pm-6pm. We do not have specific time slots for cookies to arrive but if you have to receive cookies at a certain time, please reach out to us and we can try to assist. Additional charges may apply if we have to send a dedicated courier to send you your cookies. 

    I have a cookie emergency! I NEED COOKIES NOW!

    Calm down! As long as you order before 12pm, you can get your cookies within the same day. Place an order online or send us a message at hello@cookieguilt.com with your request.

    Do you ship internationally?

    .Currently we only offer delivery within Singapore, but if you have a friend who's nice enough to bring you some, we can make sure the cookies are flight friendly. Just let us know!

    How do I modify/cancel my order?

    You can make changes up to 48 hours before your delivery date. Just send us an email at hello@cookieguilt.com and reference your order number. In the event that you cancel your order, please allow 3–5 working days for us to process your refund.

    Can I return my order?

    Guilt does not accept returns, offer exchanges, and/or grant refunds on any goods sold unless the issue for return, exchange, and/or refund is the result of an error in our manufacturing, packaging, or handling of the goods.

    I can't find my confirmation email.

    We’re so sorry to hear that! Before reaching out, please kindly check your junk/spam folder; as it may have ended up there. If you’re unable to locate it, send us an email at hello@cookieguilt.com with the date you made the order and we will check to see if your order was placed.

    Can I add a gift note?

    Yes! In fact, it’s encouraged. You can leave us a note on the cart page or add one of our complimentary note cards to your order. If you forgot, email us at hello@cookieguilt.com.

    Do you cater events?

    Yes, if you require a large order above 50 cookies for your event, just send us an inquiry/request at hello@cookieguilt.com. For orders between 50-200 cookies, we require 3 days advance notice, anything above 200 cookies, we require 7 days advance notice.

    Do you accept corporate orders?

    Yes, if you require a large order or would like to stock our cookies in your pantry, just send us an inquiry/request at hello@cookieguilt.com. For orders between 50-200 cookies, we require 3 days advance notice, anything above 200 cookies, we require 7 days advance notice.

    How can I stock Guilt cookies in my restaurant/cafe/business?

    We’re always happy to work with partners to expand our cookie reach! Please contact us at hello@cookieguilt.com with your inquiry.

    Can I order custom cookies/packaging?

    Absolutely! We do have a minimum order quantity in order to create custom flavours and/or packaging. We have a tasting package available for you to try and iterate on your custom flavours. Give us a shout at hello@cookieguilt.com.